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Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  1. Sylbaa provides all services within the scope of current and future business relationships exclusively on the basis of the German General Terms and Conditions (GTC). This English translation only serves informative purpose.

  2. By entering and accepting the terms and conditions, the contractual partner agrees to the examination and processing of his entries by sylbaa in accordance with our Privacy Policyto.

  3. The valuation tool and all information on the Sylbaa website are for information only. In particular, they do not constitute a legally binding offer.

  4. Sylbaa reserves the right to refuse the purchase of an object until the corresponding objects have arrived at Sylbaa and Sylbaa has made a concrete offer to the contractual partner in writing or by email.

  5. If the contractual partner chooses the option of prepayment, he undertakes to repay this prepayment in full to Sylbaa if a final sale does not materialize.

  6. The objects remain the property of the contractual partner until a specific offer has been made by Sylbaa, accepted by the contractual partner and paid for in full by Sylbaa. Upon payment, ownership is transferred from the contractual partner to Sylbaa.

  7. The contractual partner confirms that he is acting as a private individual. Persons who use the Sylbaa service in the context of a business activity are obliged to disclose this when contacting them, so that appropriate exceptions can be recorded in writing. No contract can come about without a written agreement.

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